About Us

Owners / Officers


President/CEO: Regina A. Brown


Vice President/COO: Andrew L. Phillips


Vice President/CFO: John R. Phillips



This extraordinary team with over 80 years (8 Decades) of combined Telecom Experience first met in 1992 while employed at a major fiber optic equipment manufacturer. Call it an act of fate or just dumb luck if you will but their respective Managers somehow got them together as a team and put them in charge of Managing the Southwest Regions EF&I Services.


The result was: The Southwest Region was the only region that consistently exceeded all the Company's expectations for Profitably and Customers expectations for Quality, On Time Delivery, On Time Job Starts, On Time Job Completions, and this was accomplished with Zero Reportable Outages.


Their success continued until August of 2004 when the OEM announced their withdrawal from providing EF&I Services. When this announcement came Regina, Andrew, and John established and launched Y..P.S.G. (Your Preeminent Solutions Group), Inc.

Management Philosophy


  • Provide all customers with fair and competitive pricing.


  • Always provide all deliverables to all Customers at or before their most stringent requested time.


  • Always meet or exceed all customers expectations all the times, or in other words "BE PERFECT"


Customer Care

  • We will treat every customer as a favored customer.