Service Descriptions

Site Survey

  • Visits the project location (s) and gathers Specific Details about the project (i.e. Floor Space, Rack Space, Frame, AC/DC Power, Synchronization, etc.).


  • Create from the Site Survey information a Engineering Design Package to include office Drawings, Rack Face Drawings, System Diagrams as applicable.


  • Schedules a Job Start Meeting with Client to review job specifics and to create the Method of Procedure that will be followed during the course of the project. Also participates in Customer Project Acceptance.

Technical Support

  • Validates that all Installation has been completed per customer requirements. Provisions system to Clients system design specification, performs all system testing to ensure that the installed equipment is ready to receive service. Create when applicable a migration plan to place the newly installed technology into service.

Service Quality Audits


  • Generates a Quality Audit Report and submits to Client and Installation to indicate compliance or non-compliance, if non-compliant a detail listing of defects will be included in the report.

Temporary workforce support

  • YPSG will supply Skilled Craftsmen on either Long or Short Term Assignments to supplement Clients workforce.