Site Survey

Our Team of "Elite" Site Survey Engineers visit your project location (s) and gather Specific Details about the project based on the Client's request.


Items of discovery may include:

  • Access to Construction Location
  • Hours of Operation
  • Loading Dock Availability
  • Elevator Access
  • On site Storage
  • Floor Space
  • Rack Space
  • MDF - CDF - IDF locations
  • DC Power
    • Distribution Panels and location
    • Distribution Side Assignments
  • Timing Source
    • External
    • Line
  • Mid and Low Speed Electrical Signal Cable Terminations
    • DS3 - RR-PNL-JK
    • DS1- RR-PNL-JK
    • DS0- Frame-BLK-CKT
  • Fiber Requirements
    • Connector and Polish Type
  • Fiber Lengths
    • SM/MM - Simplex/Duplex
  • Network Side Port Assignments
  • Client Side Port Assignments
  • Network Alarms
    • NOC
    • Local


After the initial information is gathered a preliminary Installation Specification to include a Bill of Materials will be produced and presented to Client for approval prior to YPSG's Detail Engineer producing the Final Installation Specification.