Our Team of Highly Trained and Experienced Field Service Technicians will develop a Method of Procedure based on Project Requirements and Customer Standards and present this to the Client seven (7) days prior to Installation Start for approval. Once the MOP has been developed and approved it will not be deviated from without Client approval.


Method of Procedure will include:


  • General Description of Work to be performed
  • Dates the services are to be performed
  • NOC Numbers
  • Client Contact Name
    • Contact Information
  • Lead Installers Name
    • Contact Information
  • Installers Names
    • Skill Levels
    • Contact Information
  • Detailed Steps describing how the work is to be performed
  • Hours of the day the work is to be performed
    • Normal 8am - 5pm
    • Maintenance Window 12:01am - 6am
    • Nights 4pm - 12pm
    • Deep Nights 10pm - 6am
  • Safety Steps that will be utilized